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Tameside Community Computers CIC 
Putting I.T. back into the CommunITy

Empowering People - Protecting the Planet.

Tameside Community Computers CIC is a not-for-profit organisation that creates equitable Access to Opportunity by providing devices, internet access, digital skills training and tech support for those in the community left on the wrong side of the digital divide, while at the same time empowering businesses and other organisations to play their part by diverting technology from landfill and at the same time protecting our planet.

We Solve Two Big Problems

The Digital Divide

Over 11 million people in the UK lack access to a personal computer, internet connection, or both. This lack of access to digital technology creates a significant gap between the different opportunities unconnected people can access. This gap is known as the 'Digital Divide', and it is our mission to shrink this, because we believe that equitable access to information and technology empowers people to achieve their full potential.


Electronic Waste, or E-Waste, refers to electronic products and components that are unwanted, unusable, or nearing the end of their useful life. E-Waste makes up to 22.8% of mass in landfill sites, but all electronics devices that we receive are recycled in an environmentally friendly way with nothing going to landfill.

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Our Services


Low Cost Devices

If you are living in digital poverty and on low income, and on means tested benefits, and do not have the support of a local organisation, we can provide devices at a heavily reduced cost. For example, laptops from £50 and smart phones from £40 + VAT. Please fill in our contact form and someone will be in touch with you.


Free Devices

We receive various pots of funding to help those in our community that are living in digital poverty. If you work for an organisation, charity, school, or community group, that supports people living in digital poverty you can apply for a device on the persons behalf. We do not accept direct referrals for free devices. Please fill in our contact form and we will send you our Application Form.


National Data Bank

We are part of the National Data Bank and this means that we can help local residents stay connected and access vital services. In Collaboration with the Good Things Foundation we are supplying free SIM cards pre-loaded with mobile data, talk minutes and texts to anyone struggling with the rising cost of living.

To be eligible to receive free data, texts and minutes you must:

* Be over 18 years old.

* Be from a low-income household.

And qualify in one of the following categories:

* Have no access or insufficient access to the internet at home.

* And/or have no or insufficient access to the internet when away from home.

* And/or cannot afford your existing monthly contract or top up. 

Please fill in our contact form for more information.

What happens to Donated Devices

All donated devices go through certain stages to make sure they are good enough to be donated back out to someone living in digital poverty.

Data Destruction

Any data stored on a device has that data destroyed using certified data erasure software.


All devices go through a rigorous refurbishment process to check that there are no faults, the battery hold a charge, there is no damage to casing or screen, the memory is upgraded where necessary, a Solid State Hard Drive is put into laptops to help them run quicker. Anything that needs doing is done in-house by our volunteer team.


Once a device has passed all our checks, and is deemed safe to be given back out, it is then passed to our donations team that work with 3rd party organisations who know those individuals living in digital poverty, for whom devices are given to.

Mike Brooks


Cerid Grimshaw


Andy Cannell

Fundraising Director

Joshua Tindall

Volunteer Services Director

Rob Alston

Operations Director

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